Welcome to EndoGreen Botanicals
Manufacturer of clean, high-quality full spectrum CBD oil

Welcome to EndoGreen Botanicals
Manufacturer of clean, high-quality full spectrum CBD oil

Full Spectrum CBD Oil Offers The Best Results Possible

When searching for CBD oil, it’s often a struggle to decide which one provides the most significant reduction in ailments. With our full spectrum CBD oil, all of the essential compounds are included to give you the utmost relief you desire including CBD-V, CBD-A, CBG, CBD, Delta 9-THC, and CBC.  All of these compounds from the the hemp plant react positively with your endocannabinoid system to greatly reduce inflammation, pain, anxiety, and stress. For those of you who are seeking maximum relief, our tincture is here for you.

EndoGreen Botanicals Offers Three Different Strengths

Our Mission Statement

EndoGreen Botanicals’ mission is to offer an incredibly pure and well formulated CBD oil to aid in the relief of inflammation, anxiety, stress, and poor sleep. We strive to offer a natural alternative to users who rely on using over-the-counter pain relief medicine or painkillers to function throughout the day. Our vision has always remained the same since day 1: To create a full spectrum CBD oil that we’d be proud to give to our friends and family and we feel like we’ve accomplished that goal entirely.

Learn More About Our Carefully Picked Ingredients

During the process of creating our tincture, we did extensive research on ingredients that would enhance the effects of the full spectrum CBD, flavor, and consistency. Listed below is the full list of our ingredients and how they improve the effectiveness of our full spectrum CBD oil.

Full Spectrum CBD

Full spectrum CBD is extracted from the hemp plant via CO2 extraction which is a process that uses pressurized carbon dioxide at a particular temperature to gather the desired compounds from a plant.  While this type of extraction can be costly, it’s regarded as the safest and most effective way of extracting all of the necessary cannibinoids and terpenes from hemp. Using CO2 extraction means that the plant is minimally processed allowing one to indulge on these beneficial compounds as naturally as possible.

Full spectrum CBD was the first ingredient that we locked in nearly instantly for our product due to its increased efficiency compared to other types of CBD. This is where you’re generating all of your relief from inflammation, anxiety, poor sleep, and stress so it was easily the most important ingredient we sought after.


MCT oil, otherwise known as medium chain triglycerides, is commonly derived from palm kernel oil or coconut oil and contains high levels of Caprylic and Capric fatty acids. MCT oil contains smaller fat molecules that the body can easily absorb so using this as the main carrier oil for full spectrum CBD allows the body to utilize it to its full potential. Additionally, MCT oil has close to no taste and has a very thin consistency so the blended full spectrum tincture can be dispensed with ease.

Aside from aiding in the absorption of CBD, it contains additional anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties going hand in hand with the cannibinoids/terpenes contained in our full spectrum CBD oil.

Almond Oil

Used as another carrier oil, almond oil has a very light consistency and contains an abundance of antioxidants and vitamins including A, E, and B. The main reason for including almond oil as a secondary carrier oil is that it also contains Oleic and Linoleic essential fatty acids which further aids in the absorption of the full spectrum CBD. Allowing your body to utilize both MCT oil and almond oil in our tincture helps to ensure that any benefits aren’t wasted.

Food-Grade Essential Oils

Essential oils are widely extracted from plants through the use of steam distillation. During this process, freshly gathered plants are placed above boiling water to allow the steam to extract these precious oils. As the steam rises, it becomes captured in a container above which then rapidly cools the steam to condense it back into water. The very basics of science have taught us that water and oil don’t mix so it becomes an easy task collecting the essential oil from this point on. This is a very natural process as opposed to using solvents so the essential oil remains in its natural state.

Our proprietary blend of food-grade essential oils is where we really got to experiment with the taste and aroma of our full spectrum CBD oil. After countless combinations of various essential oils, we nailed down the proper blend that was incredibly palatable with an inviting aroma. We aimed for a taste that didn’t overwhelm the full spectrum CBD by any means, but wanted to ensure that there was a distinct taste to our tincture compared to others.

Information About Each Cannabinoid In Our Tincture

Read more about how each cannabinoid reacts positively with your body and what kind of benefits they generate for you.

Cannabidiol makes up the largest percentage of our full spectrum CBD and is, of course, the most valuable cannabinoid in our tincture. In your endocannabinoid system, you have CB1 receptors that are abundantly located in your brain as well as central nervous system and CB2 receptors that are found within peripheral organs and your immune system. When a full spectrum of cannabinoids are introduced into your body, these receptors help to regulate processes such as pain, appetite, memory and mood so when a large influx of cannabidiol (CBD) begins to interact with them, you can expect to experience the utmost relief. In our full spectrum cannabinoid profile, CBD makes up 51.88% of the entire profile so most of the alleviation from inflammation, anxiety, pain, and poor sleep will be from cannabidiol.

Otherwise known as cannabidivarin, this cannabinoid is typically found in indica strains of hemp, but can still be found in certain sativa strains as well. Much like the CBD cannabinoid, CBD-V has the powerful ability to siginificantly reduce nausea, pain, and inflammation in your body. A wide range of studies have been conducted on this particular cannabinoid to prove its effectiveness.

The full name of this cannabinoid is cannabidiolic acid and it’s extraordinarily similar to the CBD cannabinoid due to it being the acidic precursor. It’s typically only found in raw or live hemp, but through a unique extraction process, it’s able to be consumed in a full spectrum tincture. When the hemp plant is exposed to heat or sunlight, the decarboxylation process beings to occur which converts CBD-A to CBD. Studies conducted over the years have shown that CBD-A is effective in reducing nausea, pain, and inflammation.

Cannabigerol is a cannibinoid that doesn’t tend to get much recognition due to its small quantity in a large number of strains, but it’s a vital component in full spectrum CBD oil. The acidic precursor of CBG is CBG-A and the hemp plant will target it with specific enzymes to help convert CBG-A into either CBD-A or THC-A, the building blocks for CBD and THC. CBG-A is unable to directly form into CBG through biosynthesis, the process of combining chemical compounds into new ones, so heat must be applied to complete this transformation.

Luckily, society has been fortunate enough to have a number of successful studies on CBG to prove how effective it can be on the human body. Your eyes, like many other parts of your body, have endocannibinoid receptors in which CBG seems to lower intraocular pressure . In addition to this incredible study, a handful of other studies cumulatively discovered that CBG was impactful with reducing inflammation as well as being a neuroprotector.

Cannabichromene, like delta-9 THC and cannibidiol, is derived from CBG-A in which specific cannabis enzymes then convert to CBC-A or cannabichomene carboxylic acid. As heat or sunlight is introduced to CBD-A, it is finally converted into CBC with multiple benefits to show for it. First and foremost, while it doesn’t properly bind to CB1 receptors in the brain, it has the uncanny ability to bind with vanilloid receptor 1 (TRPV1) and transient receptor potential ankyrin 1 (TRPA1) which are responsible for triggering the feeling of pain. Once CBC binds with these particular receptors, the body then begins to release anandamide which is a positive reaction from the endocannibinoid system. Along with reducing pain, cannabichromeme does well with reducing inflammation and anxiety.

Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol is found primarily in the female cannabis flower’s resin glands, but small amounts of it can be found in male plants as well. This cannabinoid tends to get the most media coverage due to the legality of it, but there’s no denying the beneficial impact that it has on one’s body. Like all of the other cannabinoids found in our full spectrum cbd oil, delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol can relieve pain, reduce anxiety, suppress nausea, reduce sleeplessness, and induce hunger. Even though there’s only 0.22% in our tincture to go below the federal legal limit of 0.3%, it still plays a very important role in completing the entourage effect (increased effectiveness).

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