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Full Spectrum CBD Oil 500mg


Contains 500mg of full spectrum CBD for low to moderate relief from pain/inflammation, anxiety, stress, and poor sleep.


For a more “standard” strength of CBD oil, our 500mg tincture contains 16.67mg of full spectrum CBD per milliliter to keep your endocannibinoid system running optimally throughout the day. At our company’s inception, this was our first product that got us off the ground and we’ve evolved to offer two additional strengths since then. This tincture is made with the same proprietary blend of MCT oil, almond oil, and food-grade essential oils as our 750mg and 1000mg tinctures so the same delightful, uplifting taste remains consistent. As always, all of our products go through rigorous quality control procedures in order to deliver the best full spectrum CBD oil on the market with each and every bottle that is ordered. We hope you enjoy it!


500mg Full Spectrum CBD
Almond Oil
Food-Grade Essential Oils

Place 1mL (full dropper) underneath tongue and hold for 30-60 before swallowing. Use up to 3 times daily.

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